The Boom in the French Self Storage Industry

SOS Box in FranceIt’s not just England and the United Kingdom that has a booming self storage industry.  Across Europe more facilities are opening each month, with storage definitely one of the growing sectors despite recent economic down-turns.  For example, over in France, the region of Loiret has seen self storage space doubling in the last 12 months with the recent arrival of the SOS Box facilities in Ormes and the Home Box Center in downtown Orleans.

This trend is put down to the French economy where people are not moving as much and some removal companies have seen a drop in business.  This is the conclusion of a man called Xavier Berton who is the Director of the Society of Berton Removals, based in Ormes. He states that “People are still always moving, but now on their own” and as a result don’t need large removal services.

Because of this and to compensate for falling demand, the company has decided to diversify its business. Over the past year, it has grown a new service, which is the self storage franchise… SOS Box. Xavier said to the French press that the concept is already all the rage in the United States and England and has been developing for several years in France – so it is a great time to get on board with the trend.

Their new storage service offers rental spaces of different sizes. The tenant has a key that allows him to have access to this room at any time. A bit like an extra room like they would have at their own house or home.  These French self storage facilities are available anytime and as many times as the tenant wishes – twenty four hours a day!

The service attracts businesses looking to store advertising materials from their point of sale department, city dwellers who have cramped apartments, those of no fixed home who store their business items, the young, the divorced or small business owners.  Berton goes onto to say that “young entrepreneurs who do not yet have the cash necessary to have a local premises love our storage facilities.”

The Berton removals company isn’t the only business to get in on the act though.  They also have a competitor called Free Stock – who have been in the business for six years already.  This just goes to show that the demand for self storage is already there with the French public.

It’s certainly interesting to see how storage works in foreign countries, as it’s not just here in the United Kingdom and Southampton that storage operators are working.